The price for basic (no stoning, connectors included) bikini/figure/WPD suits begin at $200. We understand that this sport can become very expensive and we want you to be happy with the final product without feeling like you’ve broken the bank. There are PLENTY of different fabric/rhinestone combinations to get you the most bang for you buck! So let’s chat about our options! We can accept payments in installments to help with budgeting as well (not applicable to rush orders). 

Practice bikinis are $125 and practice figure/WPD suits are $135. These suits are fully adjustable. A discount will be applied to the practice suit order if placed with initial suit deposit.

Men’s bodybuilding suits are $45 and Men’s Classic Physique trunks are $70 (add $5 for metallic or velour fabrics).

We are currently updating pricing levels, please email with specific pricing questions.







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